Arts And Crafts Ideas For The Summer Holidays |

If you are trying to think of ways for the family to spend some time together why not look at some arts and crafts ideas for inspiration.People often shy away from making things as they don’t have the confidence in their ability to produce something nice. They may also feel that it will cost too much money. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby. You will be amazed at what you could create using the existing contents of your kitchen and garden.You don’t need to buy up the whole stock at your local craft shop although you may need to buy a couple of things like wire or glue depending on the project. You will already have most of the equipment you need in your kitchen cabinets. If you are new to crafts you will find following a pattern or instructions makes life easier. It will tell you exactly what equipment and materials you need to complete the project.People usually use arts and crafts ideas to decorate their homes during the holidays but you can also use them during the summer. Take your kids to the beach and collect some shells and beautiful stones. Pretty pebbles can be turned into beautiful paperweights very easily. All you have to do is pick some large smooth stones that have a flat surface. Get the kids to wash them carefully before painting them with acrylic paint in black or silver. They will need to paint them a couple of times but make sure each coat is dry before starting the next one or you will run the effect.If your kids want to give the paperweights as a gift, you could write the person’s initials on the stone. You can create a nice result using silver paint on the black stones and vice versa. Once the initial is dry, paint the stone with varnish to add shine. This project will keep your children amused for ages and you will probably find they are keen to try other arts and craft ideas.